ACADEMIC - Sekolahku-MySchool
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Our philosophy of integrated child-centred programs focuses on supporting all our children to:

  • Be kind, caring, concerned and possess the ability to be a leader or part of the group
  • Have an enquiring mind and be a focused learner who loves asking questions and finding out “why”
  • Be an innovative problem solver capable of working independently or in a group
  • Be able to express ideas, thoughts, feelings and attitudes clearly and accurately
  • Know and develop the abilities and limitations of their own body through a clearly structured developmentally planned program of physical development
  • Understand the need to care for, and respect their own bodies and those of other people, our environment and all our natural resources
  • Internalise many mathematical, architectural, and scientific concepts as part of their everyday experiences and activities
  • Develop aesthetic appreciation through painting, drawing, designing, gardening, collage and clay, and
  • Value and participate in learning activities that contribute to being a worthwhile and fulfilled adult.


Our continuous learning curriculum provides the same opportunities and experiences for all children without discrimination in an environment where each child can develop emotional intelligence accompanied by social, moral, spiritual and physical motor skills. By integrating all aspects of each child’s development, their knowledge and skills, we are preparing the future leaders of our world.

Fostering creativity, independence, self-confidence and respect

Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring their environment and discovering their abilities through physical activity. Our education program builds exploration of the indoor and outdoor environments into daily activities.


Play is a mechanism to encourage children to explore things and phenomena around them in their built and natural environment.


We encourage children to test out things (safely of course!), try different ways of doing things, and experiment with colour, textures and their senses. By playing, children can learn many things. The word ‘play’ in our philosophy, is not about playing games without a program or intent.

As part of more structured activities, our IndoGym program is incorporated into daily life at SekolahkuMySchool. IndoGym is based on the essential movements required for proficiency in gymnastics. It is safe, stimulating and provides endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn. The program supports each child to develop physical and cognitive development and co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem. Through integrating music and equipment into fun gymnastics-based activities, IndoGym programs encourage children to explore, learn and grow.


IndoGym assists and promotes the holistic development of skills and knowledge recommended by educational theorists for young children under the age of 12 years. It is safe, stimulating and provides endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn.

Promoting acceptance and inclusion

Integrating children with special needs has been integral to the philosophy of Sekolahku MySchool since its inception. Our team have experience with, and strategies to work with, children with special needs. These strategies, combined with our philosophy and attitude that our role is to maximise the abilities of all children, is assisting children cope with, and master their individual differences whilst working cooperatively with others at a high level of functioning. A key achievement is their active participation within group situations. Our integrated program is demonstrating outstanding results with children suffering from autism and other physical difficulties.

To support Dr Margaret Shore, who has been guiding the curriculum development at Sekolahku MySchool since its inception, we have sourced professional advisers from within Indonesia and overseas to provide guidance on specific areas of need: the majority of these people have assisted us in a voluntary capacity. We are now recognised as providing the highest quality education in Java for children with extra needs including the gifted and talented.

Integrating and engaging with our community

Our philosophy and operations integrate and align to support each child, their family and the community in the best way possible. We accept every opportunity to collaborate with our local community on projects of educational benefit to the children and the community. We benefit from community knowledge and expertise, resources and services. We advocate good corporate citizenship and demonstrate this by making informed choices and supporting the local community. We encourage our school community to support their local community and be an integral part of the wider Indonesian and world community.

Being based in a rural environment in the shadow of Mt Merapi, agriculture is an important part of our local community and therefore, our programs. The integration between the school and local community is reflected in the Children participate in outdoor activities in nature through gardening, fishing, and observing as our class work often involves nature.

Our Integrated Learning Program

With curricula drawing on the entire range of international educational perspectives, we offer all children the opportunity of world class learning and preparing the next generations for life in the global village. Regular indoor and outdoor activities encourage each child to explore with all their senses. Integration with the built and natural environment, and respect for nature is a core part of our philosophy and programs.

Specific emphases guide the development of our programs and activities:

Personal Development

  • Anti-bullying and teasing program
  • Living values (universal humanity)
  • Children’s Parliament (learning democracy)
  • Working together within the school and community
  • Learning about and participating in the world
  • Environmental education
  • Brain Gym daily activities
  • Self sufficiency and sustainability

Focused Development

  • Gifted and Talented programs
  • Integrating children with special needs with specific programs to support their development
  • Developing physical abilities and skills through combining IndoGym, music and movement with everyday experiences
  • Understanding international cultures and customs with a deep focus on Indonesia (especially Java)
  • Project based integrated learning
  • Library classes
  • Building appreciation of literature, books and resources through our extensive library
  • Extra-curricula classes to develop specific knowledge and skills